Angelica Kreuger said her mother is proud of her heritage — she keeps a large picture of her father in the living room — but never lived a lavish lifestyle. As for herself, Kreuger said being the child of a princess only got her picked on in school. “We tried to live as normal as possible around here,” she said. “Then you go over to Europe and that’s sort of like all fancy.”

Never a particularly social person, Irina Walker rode horses, gardened, studied the Bible and raised two children while living in Myrtle Point. She later divorced her husband and, in 2007, married a man who had been a family friend and neighbor — former Coos County sheriff’s deputy John Walker.

Angelica Kreuger said John Walker took her mother to the Hermiston area in Eastern Oregon. “She kind of turned hippie,” Angelica Kreuger said. “From when we were growing up to when she moved to Hermiston, she just kind of did the whole free-spirit thing. She just wanted to wake up in the morning and tend to her goats and mess with her horses.”

Kreuger said her mother became isolated from the family and the two have not spoken in a couple months. Walker visited Myrtle Point earlier this year and Kreuger sensed something was wrong. She said she had warned her mother about John Walker, whom she called “bad news,” but her mother didn’t want to believe it. She said Walker made her mother feel beautiful and special, and her mother would do anything he said.

“My mom’s kind of naive, that’s the easiest way to put it,” Kreuger said. “She doesn’t really know the bad side of people.”

Kreuger said she has been to the Hermiston area a couple times and never saw a fighting chicken. She doesn’t believe her mother knew the full extent of what was allegedly going on, and wouldn’t have gotten caught up in such a thing if she knew the potential for a jail sentence. “I don’t see her being there watching it, because my mom loved animals,” Kreuger said. “She wouldn’t want to watch a chicken die like that.” Source: ABC News